Having just celebrated our 5th Birthday here at Hub, it has been a great time to take a moment and reflect on how we are doing in our quest to guide you all to better health and fitness.

It’s important to us at Hub that we work towards providing integrated health and fitness, and yet, like all good phrases and descriptions, the term has been over- and mis-used so much recently that the term “integrated health” is now virtually meaningless! So, this post is intended to put all the wrongs to right, to look at what we believe integrated health and fitness actually means and how it should help you…


Our 4 Tick Boxes of Health and Fitness (Your 4 “Doctors”)

We believe that there are 4 boxes that you need to tick to achieve your best levels of long term sustained health and fitness…

  • you need to Repair any injuries or dysfunctions that your body has endured;
  • you need to Exercise, not only those weak areas but, the body as a whole to make it fit and functional;
  • you need to Nourish your system to ensure it has everything it needs to repair and flourish;
  • you need to Recover sufficiently to allow all the above to occur!

It really should be that simple!

If you can Repair, Exercise, Nourish and Recover you will have no alternative but to Thrive!

However, what actually tends to happen when it comes to our health and fitness is that our “4 doctors” don’t sing from the same hymn sheet, which leads to a disharmonious and disjointed cacophony that is confusing and altogether ineffective for long term change. You only have to put a condition into google these days and you will get a vast array of conflicting information. Sadly this can also be the case if you see different practitioners at different times, as often they will focus on different factors or symptoms and not necessarily appreciate the overall aims of your other practitioners or look at fixing the cause of the problem.

It is our aim at Hub to stop these issues from arising. Whether you are seeing a practitioner to repair something, an injury or a niggle or a tension; whether you are seeing a trainer to help strengthen an area or work on your general fitness; whether you are seeing a nutritionist to help lose some unwanted weight or to optimise your performance and energy levels; no matter who you are working with at any one moment, that practitioner will know what the other practitioners are doing and will be working in a concerted and integrated fashion to help you tick those 4 boxes: working to guide you to thrive.

This is our mission and we would love to hear how you think we are getting on and how we can improve on things. Please let me know by emailing me at tom@hub-health.com





Tom Fielding

Hub Director, Principal Osteopath

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