In this blog I will be taking you through what I like to call the W’s of Health & Fitness and hopefully, in turn, will get you asking the same questions…


What am I training for? What are MY goals? What is HIIT? What is crossfit? What is circuit training? Is that the same as crossfit? What’s the best time for ME to train? What is mobility and stretching?

There are so many WHAT questions that this section could go on forever but the main one is, and always will be WHAT are MY GOALS? Not WHAT is Mary’s goal, and definitely not “I’ll do WHAT Mary does, it’ll be fine”. NO! Do WHAT is good for YOU. Train for YOUR goals and keep going back to the question: WHAT are my goals. Believe it or not, when it comes to Health & Fitness ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!


We all know we should exercise to maintain a healthy existence but have you ever sat back and asked yourself WHY you are training? If you are an athlete, you can answer this question easily: “for my sport, for the race, for the big event” but this blog isn’t designed for professional athletes, it has been written for the gym goer, circuit trainer, crossfitter, runner, boot camper – the guy or girl who works 9-5 at a desk or serves that favourite morning coffee. WHY are YOU training? Is it to move better? Unlikely. Is it to feel better? Possibly. Is it to look better? Probably. Is it to get strong? Could well be. Or is it because you were told that it is good for you?

In my eyes you need to have a purpose to your training and the above questions have no wrong answers and all of the above are poignant questions. I have in the past trained for all of them, at one stage or another, mainly to move better – but I am one of the weird ones!

Ask yourself WHY you are doing that squat at that rep range? Why you are doing that bench? Why you are swinging that kettle bell? If you have a definitive answer, you are well on your way. If you don’t then you need to spend some time finding it.


This is one of those myth-busting, contentious questions you have either faced or read about. Cardio in the morning; weights in the evening; can’t lift on an empty stomach so lifting in the morning can’t happen, right?

WRONG! Your body is a very interesting machine and as long as YOU feel good and YOU are mentally in the game then there’s no right or wrong time to do any training. You do, however, need to ask yourself: WHAT are my goals? Do I want to strip this body fat and would doing this HIIT (high intensity interval training) get better results when I’m fasted? Lets face it we are busy people and sometimes we need to get the workout in WHEN we get a chance. So people, don’t get too caught up on WHEN you need to train, just plan your diary so that you do make time for it in your life.


When choosing the WHO… DO YOUR RESEARCH! I don’t just mean check twitter and see if they have a following or if they train celebrities – neither of these are a gauge of ability! No, I mean track record – get the trainer/gym/box/coach to show you what they have done and what results they have achieved. Find out what their ethos is and if it fits what YOU want. They might have been in the industry 1 year or 30 years but unless they have a bit of proof of their past clients/athletes successes then be wary. What I look for when selecting a coach is that they are normally humble and down to earth people who will listen to your needs and goals and work their damn hardest to make sure you achieve whatever it is you’re looking for.

And lastly…


Well I was going to be cheeky and say WHERE else but Hub Health & Performance but once again the environment in which you workout needs to be one that fits your needs; that makes you feel part of the family and not a dollar sign; that helps you when you need help. Only YOU can ever answer this one. Get yourself outside if you spend the majority of time inside with jobs and home life. Whether it’s running, walking, cycling, circuit class – it doesn’t matter – you just need to get out there for some of your exercise!

I hope this has at least got you thinking about What, Why, When, Who or Where you train and helps you on your road to achieving YOUR goals in health and fitness….






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