At Hub we have a very simple mission. We hope to be at the centre of you achieving your health & fitness aims; at the hub of your health. We feel we have a lot to offer and we want to help you achieve your goals. Over the years we have spent a great deal of time with patients and clients from all walks of life, with varying symptoms and huge a spectrum of health and fitness levels. The following 4 desires should and I believe do sit at the heart of everyone’s approach to their health and fitness..

1.You want to be pain and injury free.

2.You want to move well.

3.You want to feel healthy, fit and strong.

4.You want to be resilient to future injury.

How can you achieve this? We believe that if you can tick off the list below, then you will be well on your way to achieving the 4 aims above..

A.You need a body that works well.

Get those aches, pains & injuries sorted straight away. Feeling stiff & tense? Do something about it! If unattended most musculoskeletal issues will not go away, they will either lie dormant until you irritate them again or will stop you functioning efficiently and lead to other problems arising. Get a diagnosis and get a plan in place.

B.You need a nourishing, wholefood diet that sustains YOU and YOUR needs.

Pack away the food gimmicks and close your ears to the abundance of “bro science” that we are all exposed to. Get simple, practical advice on what YOUR nutritional requirements are. Think nutrients. Think natural. There are no shortcuts or magic pills!

C.You need to exercise appropriately for YOU.

Why are YOU exercising or training? What are YOUR aims? You’ll be lucky to get the answers you need in a magazine or online- you’re very unique you know! The vast majority of exercise injuries we see are from people either doing inappropriate forms of exercise for their needs or from people cutting corners, setting unrealistic goals and time restraints. Always work out what you wish to achieve (sounds simple doesn’t it?!) and then get some expert advice on how to reap the rewards with minimal risk of illness or injury.

D.You need sufficient rest & recovery.

Whether you train regularly or not, rest & recovery is such an important component. Are you having enough rest days? Are you really sleeping well? Why do you feel groggy in the mornings?  There are often really simple solutions to these issues. Getting your rest to balance with your lifestyle & training demands is key. Again this will be unique to you.  Be proactive in optimising your rest and you will notice the difference.

Get ticking this list off and you may well achieve the aims at the top in no time at all. Be sure to ask us any questions at any time.



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