Our Ethos

What we strive for and why we are different.

We provide long term solutions

Much of our work is dealing with our patients and clients who have acute issues. While we strive to get you pain-free and back to function as quickly as possible, our fundamental concern is to ensure you maintain long term health. We will work with you to have a strategy in place to prevent the issue recurring and we will work with you to ensure long term health and fitness.

Simple, natural & effective

Whether you are working with our osteopaths, nutritionists, trainers, massage therapists or acupuncturists, our aim is always to find the solutions that are the most simple, natural and effective. We demand this of ourselves, we do not want to over-complicate anything!

Our fundamentals of health & fitness

All our work is geared towards getting you closer to the fundamentals of what we believe will ensure good health & performance.

A.You need a body that is pain-free & works well.

B.You need a nourishing, wholefood diet that sustains YOU and YOUR needs.

C.You need to exercise appropriately for YOU.

D.You need sufficient rest & recovery.

We question convention

We will always look for the simplest & most effective solution for you. We do not follow set protocols, which allows us to work with you as an individual within the framework we have mentioned above. This is so important to us.

We have a special team.

Although the techniques and specialities may vary, all our staff work together because we have the same views and principles. We only hire the best practitioners and ensure we have regular meetings to discuss our work and to get to know each other well. This is what makes us a practice and a team and we hope that this is what will make it a good environment in which you can thrive!

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