Small Group Functional Training Classes

Hard training that will leave you feeling motivated, mobile, strong & fit

Our small group functional training classes are the most comprehensive around. Every class is geared around:

20 minutes of mobility and movement pattern work

using functional, primal movements to ensure you are mobile & efficient with your movements in ALL directions, preparing you for the session & helping you prevent injuries 

30 minutes of high intensity training #halfhourofpower

circuit style, high intensity training. The nature of this work will vary between the classes but be prepared to train hard, you will be able to go as hard as you wish

10 minutes pre-hab & focused conditioning

focusing on flexibility, a cool down to maximise the gains you will have made

Our classes are limited to a maximum of 8 members so you will get close attention to your form, technique and progression. You will not only leave each class feeling as if you have trained hard but also mobile and ‘more open’ than at the start. See below for details of our classes & courses.

Fire is the high intensity evening and weekend class during which the focus will be on bodyweight, kettle bell, suspension & met-con training. The groups are small so you will get enough individual attention to ensure you stay within your limits, especially if learning new skills. Train hard AND train smart!

Burn is the early morning functional class, geared towards high intensity interval training (HIIT). Burn will vary between indoor and outdoor training, and thrive on the energy of the group. Be prepared to train short and sweet. Ideal for achieving extra conditioning and for body composition.

Ignite is the 6 week fitness course geared at fat loss, weight loss and body composition. The course is for 10 people with special training sessions held twice per week, personalised nutrition plans and comprehensive assessment at the beginning, middle and end.


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