Nick Jordan

Registered Osteopath
Tom Fielding Principal Osteopath at Hub Osteopathic Clinic Clapham

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Nick graduated with a Masters from the University of Surrey, having previously gained many years experience as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. This gave him a greater understanding of the injuries sustained from sport and in general daily life. 
Nick uses his understanding of the human body and, more importantly, how it moves, to help people achieve their personal best. He worked alongside the physiotherapist at Crawley Town Football Club where he has treated players before and after matches and experienced first-hand how to get injured players back to being match fit.

Nick is a keen sportsman himself, having completed an Olympic distance Triathlon in 2017 and receiving a golf scholarship to an American college at the age of 15.
With a broad understanding of injuries sustained from many sports, Nick is able to help athletes achieve their personal best. For example, he is currently working with the European Tour golf
players, demonstrating how Osteopathy, Sports and Remedial Massage and medical acupuncture can improve their game in specific ways.

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