Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T.)

MAT runnerMuscle Activation Techniques is a cutting edge manual therapy from the U.S. It seeks to address muscular system issues that lead to pain, tightness and dysfunction.

When a muscle is exposed to stress, trauma or overuse, its ability to contract effectively is reduced. This leads to tightness at the joint or joints it acts upon as the central nervous system increases tension in other muscles to maintain safety and stability.

In the short term this leads to reductions in range of movement and performance, but in the long term this will leave you more susceptible to injury. MAT targets the weak or inhibited muscles to restore optimal motion and address the route cause of muscular system issues. This results in stronger more stable joints, increased range of motion, improvements in performance, and a reduction in associated pain.

Who can it help?

Muscle Activation Techniques is currently used by most professional sports teams in the US with Specialists working in the NFL, NBA and MLB, but you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit. MAT can help anyone who wants to improve their function. Whether that means reducing your marathon time or living without pain, a muscular system that is contracting effectively will help you reach your goal.




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How many sessions will I need?

Getting you pain free and functioning properly is a process, not an event. With this in mind, most people do require a course of treatment but the length varies greatly depending on the severity of your condition and previous injuries etc.  As your condition improves visits become less frequent. At Hub we emphasise the importance of thorough rehabilitation to prevent injuries from recurring and on some occasions we do recommend that patients return from time to time in the long term to maintain the improvements and to check that there are no further issues building up.

What is involved?

When deaing with back and neck pain and sciatic symptoms, we use a very thorough process of:


We will carry out a full case history and physical assessment to take in all the possible contributing factors to your current symptoms. Our movement assessment is very thorough as we hope to be able to identify any areas of weakness, tightness and imbalance, even in areas of the body away from your symptoms as these can commonly be significant.


Following the assessment, we will be able to identify what structure is causing your pain and symptoms as well as the underlying cause of why it has happened. This information will guide the nature of the treatment and rehabilitation plan going forwards. At this stage we may be able to give a prognosis of how long your recovery will take.


Treatment plans will vary greatly depending on the cause of your issue but will definitely include work to alleviate your symptoms, such as soft tissue work and spinal manipulation as well as techniques to address any mechanical issues which may be causing the strain to the tissues which are in pain.


Following the treatment and rehabilitation of your injury, you will be given a management plan that may consist of continued rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle/postural changes and possibly future check ups to ensure the problem does not recur.

What's the next step?

Once you are fully recuperated, our team are perfectly placed to help you remain injury-free through:

  • ongoing treatments to maintain physical health
  • exercise programmes to improve fitness / weight levels
  • nutritional plans to optimise health levels


You will have a body that looks, feels and functions better than ever before.


Muscle Activation Technique

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