Darren McGuinness

Personal Trainer & Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Darren is hugely passionate about all things health and fitness and he always brings a special energy to his sessions with his clients.

With a background as a strength & conditioning coach for athletes in Rugby, Football, Boxing, MMA and powerlifting his experience and science based approach helps to get the best out of the those he works with no matter what it is they want to achieve. 

Having guided numerous people through weight loss and muscle gaining journeys since becoming a personal trainer, he has honed his craft in a number of different training disciplines to provide a holistic experience to anyone who he calls his client. Although mobility and bodyweight movement, strength, sport specific conditioning and body composition are where his expertise shines the most, his training style is versatile and always caters to the individuals needs with an overall focus on using functional movements to optimise healthy results. 

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