Caitlin Perrett

Osteopath and Women's Health Specialist

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Caitlin’s love of sport from a young age lead her to be fascinated with the body and how it works. Having experienced the benefits of osteopathy from an injury in her teens she was inspired to study at the British School of Osteopathy, where she graduated with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy.

Caitlin’s experience since graduating has been extensive. This has ranged from her treating specialist sport related issues to general practice with experience in all age groups and conditions, from children to the elderly, office workers and ladies with pregnancy related pain.

She specialises in the rehabilitation of injuries, using a variety of  manual techniques including medical acupuncture, and is also a
certified Pilates Matwork instructor with the APPI. She enjoys  combining her Pilates knowledge with her osteopathic practice, and is excellent at identifying patterns in injuries which can prevent them from healing. She also has a strong emphasis on the prevention of injuries.

Caitlin takes great care in communicating effectively with patients,  providing them with knowledge about their injuries, and creates tailored advice to facilitate recovery and to help them get back to  their best.

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