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Don’t let lower back pain affect your handicap!

Is Golf your passion? Chances are if you’re a keen golfer you'll practice or play at least once a week and could be suffering with some sort of lower back pain. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the common causes that might be leading to a golfer’s lower...

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Screen Time: The Effect it’s Having!

If you're reading this, you're almost certainly looking at a screen. You might be staring at your work desktop computer; reading on your phone during your commute; or lounging on the couch, semi-focused between the tablet and the TV. How long have you been gazing at...

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The Truth Behind Tennis Elbow

It would be remiss of us to not cover tennis elbow in our series of tennis injury blogs! Tennis elbow is one of the most well-known tennis injuries, yet its name is somewhat deceiving, given that this common elbow problem probably affects as many non-tennis players as...

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5 Everyday Changes to Help you Thrive

We’re all aware that there’s an obesity crisis but, what can we do about it? Worryingly, recent data published by the NHS reveals that up to 50% of overweight / obese individuals are not currently undertaking any form of exercise to help lose weight. We get it! Most...

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Why flip flops are more flop than flip!

As we come into summer many of you will be looking forward to banishing your winter boots to the cupboard in favour of flip flops, however are your flip flops more flop than flip? Here at the Hub we love summer and whilst flip flops are great for keeping your feet...

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3 Foods to Boost The Immune System

In this article, our Clapham nutritionist takes a look at some preventative measures we can implement to improve our immunity! Our immune system is a complex, multi-layered defence system that is reliant upon many different factors. It’s like a sophisticated,...

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5 Reasons to get Moving This Summer

At Hub we aim to get people moving well, pain free and functioning well. After a period of inactivity, it can be a real challenge, both mentally and physically, to be motivated enough to ‘get back on track’. However, the warmer weather and longer daylight hours can be...

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