You may have seen us talking about our BLAZE classes, especially now they are online, and been wondering what the hell is BLAZE??!
Well, here is BLAZE explained
BLAZE is our ‘signature’ class, incorporating all aspects of strength and conditioning to challenge and improve every aspect of your fitness. Sounds like a big statement to make? We try our very best to make sure it is the case every single session
Each session beings with a thorough warm up and we mean really thorough! You will mobilise and load every joint in the body in all 3 planes of motion. Not only does this ensure you are increasing your range for the session ahead but also makes sure you can control the joint motion dynamically, which is key in preventing injuries. This is also the time when you get to work on any areas of weakness/tightness that you might have. This is the work-on section before the workout!!
The workout itself uses periods of intense work and rest, to focus on strength work, agility training, core work and aerobic & anaerobic conditioning. We are sticklers for good form and making sure you are great at moving your body in space. Classes are intense but you are able to tailor them 100% to the level you are at. We regularly have beginners join us and the class still challenges semi-pro athletes that join us too! It is great for any body composition goals you might have- building lean, strong muscle and burning body fat.
 It has always been our aim to give you the best training around in a fun and supportive environment. You should always finish feeling positive, exhausted and moving better than when you started!
The session finishes with a full stretch down. A chance to bring your heart rate and breathing back to normal and have a good stretch of the major muscle groups worked out in that session.
If you are feeling like you need a bit of extra flexibility work, then twice a week we run our 45 minute MOBILITY Class straight after BLAZE… 
“What is the MOBILITY class?” you say… Well, that’s a story for another day………

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