Alex Warren

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

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From a young age Alex has always been into his sports. With 3 ski seasons under his belt teaching as a ski instructor, travelling around the UK competing in a variety of sailing competitions, playing football and enjoying bouldering you can clearly see why Alex has involved himself within the health and fitness industry.

Alex qualified with the London School of Sports Massage back in February 18 after previously working as a Personal Trainer since 2012. From there, he set up his own fitness studio where he has worked with a variety of clients using both Soft Tissue Therapy and Personal Training alongside each other, to obtain the most efficient and best results possible, which he now uses within Hub Health.

Alex was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes back in November 2017, but did not see this as a problem but rather a challenge. He studied it, tested his limits and triumphed over it to create the best and healthiest version of himself. He puts the same amount of energy into the treatment of all his clients, whilst maintaining a friendly, relaxed and professional environment.

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