As the shorter days seem to be rapidly approaching and colder weather starts to set in, the thoughts of leaving HUB at 8:00pm in blazing evening sunshine is beginning to feel like a distant memory! In this article we’re going look at how you can maintain the same levels of motivation that you had throughout the summer this winter!

It’s important to remember that in the run up to the festive season that a healthy body is not created overnight!

The temptation to put a hold on your routine will only result in being faced with the same mad rush come next spring. However, be warned, your health and fitness won’t wait until you are ready to pick it up again. So, why not create a new goal now with the intention of being in the right place mentally and physically come 2018?


Our 5 top tips to help you achieve your health and fitness goals this winter:

1 Find a workout buddy

Having someone to motivate you when it’s a little harder to get up in the morning is great for accountability and even a little friendly competition. Recent studies at Indiana University have shown that friends who work out together are over 30% more likely to stay committed to their training session.

2 Start something new

Don’t wait until January! A new goal, workout regime, or class can be enough to kick-start your winter routine and give you that exciting break from the ‘norm’.

3 Stay hydrated

With temperatures much colder, you might not think you need to drink as much water as in the summer. However, the winter brings much drier air, which can unexpectedly lead to dehydration. The result? The body starts to feel sluggish and run-down, with muscle fatigue sometimes being a side effect. This can also increase your susceptible to certain illnesses, such as the common cold or the flu. When you drink plenty of water, you give your body the fluids it needs to help fight off these issues.


4 Get your vitamins

Throughout the summer it feels far easier to our plates with the healthy nutritious options. This on top of the abundance of sunlight means come winter we need to do all we can to keep the immune system fighting on all cylinders. Studies have shown a link between low blood levels of Vitamin D and tiredness / fatigue. As we live in a country that doesn’t have strong sun throughout winter, you might find you have more energy to exercise if you take a Vitamin D supplement. Also, instead of those cold salads, make sure you are eating plenty of lightly steamed vegetables and hearty homemade soups to get the nutrients your body needs.


5 Don’t neglect your warm up

Your emphasis on a thorough warm up in colder weather should become even more integral. The last thing you want is to have an injury set you back so make sure you warm up thoroughly and, of course, don’t forget to take time and stretch after any exercise!

It may sound cliché, but remember ‘summer bodies are made in the winter’!





Ross Milne

Personal Trainer

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