It started with Halloween and now it’s nearly Bonfire night and with toffee apples, mulled wine and then the Christmas party season which is packed full of mince pies and chocolates, it’s no surprise that it can be easy to ‘fall off the band-wagon’ during the party season! Fear not though, we’ve put together 5 simple ways for you to stay in control and on track this winter!

1. Put a realistic exercise plan in place!

As your weeks get busier it can be easier to start skipping your exercise because you’re tired, or you simply feel you don’t have time. This is because you have overloaded your schedule. Plan your week so that if you have a Tuesday night party, you aren’t at a 6:00am class – it is unlikely you will make it and more likely that you will exhaust yourself and then the plan for the rest of the week will fall by the way side.

2. Learn to say no!

We all have those friends who put pressure on us to eat something we don’t want to. “oh, go on just have a slither”. Or, “just have one”. Or, “oh, go on it’s Christmas”. These are your friendly saboteurs – watch out! Whilst it will make them feel better, it won’t make you! So, keep your willpower strong and simply say “no” (thank you!) – you’ll thank yourself for it later!

3. Watch what you drink!

Calories in drinks can soon rack up and whilst calories themselves are not something that we advocate you watching, these ones are not beneficial to the body at all. Mulled wine and cider contains not only the sugar you would normally find in those drinks, but also tablespoons of added refined sugar. Calories in wine will soon add up and as you know, spirits with mixers are a minefield. If you are worried then why not limit yourself to 1 or 2 glasses of dry white wine or a red that you enjoy, or opt for a vodka with soda water and fresh lime. At least you know exactly what is in it. 

4. 5:2! 

We don’t mean that you should start the 5:2 diet now, but we mean that you should at least aim to have 5 ‘good’ days and then you can enjoy the weekend or have 2 evenings where you can relax. This doesn’t mean that on the 2 days of relaxing you go mad. You still need to be aware that overeating is overeating, but it can just help you be mindful of your food consumption during the party season.  

5. Relax!

No-body can be perfect all the time, not even us at Hub! During a sociable season it can be hard to feel as though you are missing out on all your favourite foods. A key to staying on track is to allow yourself a balance. By allowing yourself one minced pie you are less likely to have a melt-down and be found in the corner with 20 foil trays scattered around you! Have it, enjoy it and don’t do it every night! If you desperately want that mince pie, then why not have it instead of wine. It is all a balance and it is finding out what works for you.

Our skilled team of Personal Trainers will work with you to create an exercise and nutritional plan that suits you. If you need a helping hand to to keep you on track this winter, then why not pop in for a free personal training consultation today!

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