1. Failing to eat breakfast everyday will not help with any weight loss program. Making sure your breakfast is a high protein, high fat meal (ex. 2xEggs and 1/2 Avocado) not a cereal/bread based meal. Cereal based breakfast can spike your insulin first thing in the morning resulting in the storage of excess body fat.


  1. Not consuming enough water in your day. If we don’t drink enough we become dehydrated. Your body sees this as a threat to its survival and retains fluid as a consequence, causing weight gain and bloating. Caffeine, commonly found in tea, coffee and coke only makes the problem worse because they act as a diuretic, which drives water out of the body and causes even more dehydration. Each day you need to try have a water intake of at-least 1-2 liters each and everyday.


  1. Consuming to many calories when you are not doing anything to expend (train) those calories is a quick fire way to weight gain. We need to burn more calories than we consume in a day if we are trying to lose weight. This is a simple equation of calories in verses calories out. In our opinion you need to move more and decrease your portions sizes.


  1. Not listening to your body! When you consume wheat do you feel bloated? When you have diary does it affect your stomach or make you tired? If you have drink coffee does it make you feel sluggish? Do you eat cereal for breakfast and two hours later you are craving something sweet? Your body is reacting for a reason so listen to it. These foods maybe causing inflammation, which means you, will not lose weight. Your body will go into survival mode again to deal with the inflammation caused.


The very last mistake is the most common and the biggest mistake that people make. If you change this one thing in your life you will be on the path to weight loss immediately.


  1. SUGAR, Over consuming Sugar is the biggest main contributor to YOU not losing weight. Sugar is everywhere and you may not even know how much sugar you are actually consuming. That orange juice you enjoy for breakfast contains 21grams of Sugar in one cup alone. On average an adult needs 80-90grams/day. So that cup of orange juice is one quarter of your daily intake. Sugar that is unused as energy is stored as body fat.

Sugar doesn’t only have an effect on weight loss and fat loss but also has a massive effect on your health.  It’ll also elevate triglycerides, which raises your chances of heart disease. Tooth decay is also one other factor you need to keep in mind with sugar. We need sugar for energy but we need to get it from healthy options not desserts, bread or your favorite sweets.


Shane Rutherford

Hub Head of Fitness


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