Vitamin A & D

Despite everyone being familiar with the benefits of Vitamin C, remarkably it is the combination of these vitamins that has been shown to be most effective at preventing or getting rid of colds and flus. Although we can get vitamin A & D from citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, kiwi fruits, and broccoli, taking a cod liver oil supplement can be incredibly beneficial as it contains ideal quantities of both important vitamins.


Most people roll their eyes at this point, but believe it or not, your body needs rest if it is going to have a fighting chance at battling the flu season. Rest will support your immune system to focus on the issue at hand – the cold or flu – and not try to struggle with the usual business of life.


This mineral plays an important part on immune function and is surprisingly difficult to find in food. Most iodine has been removed from salt, which only leaves sea vegetables, fish heads, and some diary as the primary nutritional sources of iodine. Try to include kelp into your meals every now and again during winter.


Ginger functions as an anti-viral substance, which supports the immune system, especially at the first signs of cold or flu. The easiest way to have fresh ginger is as a tea, but you must have a fairly hefty dose of ginger for it to have any effect. Brew a small handful of chopped ginger in hot water for 5 minutes and then drink.

Enjoy the winter months with improved immunity and increased energy!


Danielle Heyhoe

Nutritional Health Coach


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