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Clapham Osteopathic Clinic

Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehabilitation for Pain and Injuries



Fast relief, lasting results.

At Hub, we have a fantastic team of osteopaths who make up the primary osteopathic clinic in Clapham. The team is dedicated to helping you to get rid of your pain and debilitation and to return you to your usual activities as quickly as possible. In addition to this, we have an excellent record when it comes to the prevention of injury recurrence and it is our aim that you leave us stronger than you were before the injury occurred.

 Is Osteopathy right for you?

Osteopathy is a method of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of damaged parts of the body such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. We strive to ensure the body is balanced and efficient. Predominantly Osteopathy is a ‘hands on’ therapy and one of the oldest approaches to medicine and health. Osteopathy is a system of complete medical practice, based on the principle that health depends on the maintenance of proper relationships between the various parts of the body.

Through careful analysis of what is the root cause of an individual’s problem, osteopaths are able to facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself through stretching, mobilising and manipulative techniques. Our osteopaths are also experts at the assessment of movement patterns which leads seamlessly into the prescription of rehabilitation and lifestyles recommendations which will ensure your problem does not recur.

Getting started..

Call or email us now if you would like to book a consultation with one of our team, or get in touch if you would like to find out more.

We are registered with ALL healthcare insurance providers.  Please let the team know if you are using health insurance when you make your appointment.

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We have appointments available with our Registered Osteopaths:

8am – 8pm Monday to Friday

8am – 4pm on Saturdays.

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How many sessions will I need?

Getting you pain free and functioning properly is a process, not an event. With this in mind, most people do require a course of treatment but the length varies greatly depending on the severity of your condition and previous injuries etc.  As your condition improves visits become less frequent. At Hub we emphasise the importance of thorough rehabilitation to prevent injuries from recurring and on some occasions we do recommend that patients return from time to time in the long term to maintain the improvements and to check that there are no further issues building up.

What is involved?

When you see one of our osteopaths, you will be taken through a very thorough process of:


We will carry out a full case history and physical assessment to take in all the possible contributing factors to your current symptoms. Our movement assessment is very thorough as we hope to be able to identify any areas of weakness, tightness and imbalance, even in areas of the body away from your symptoms as these can commonly be significant.


Following the assessment, we will be able to identify what structure is causing your pain and symptoms as well as the underlying cause of why it has happened. This information will guide the nature of the treatment and rehabilitation plan going forwards. At this stage we may be able to give a prognosis of how long your recovery will take.


Treatment plans will vary greatly depending on the cause of your issue but will definitely include work to alleviate your symptoms, such as soft tissue work and spinal manipulation as well as techniques to address any mechanical issues which may be causing the strain to the tissues which are in pain.


Following the treatment and rehabilitation of your injury, you will be given a management plan that may consist of continued rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle/postural changes and possibly future check ups to ensure the problem does not recur.

What's the next step?

Once you are fully recuperated, our team are perfectly placed to help you remain injury-free through:

  • ongoing treatments to maintain physical health
  • exercise programmes to improve fitness / weight levels
  • nutritional plans to optimise health levels

To find health should be the role of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.

A.T. Still, founder of osteopathy

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