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The Importance of Nutrition

We’ve all heard it before, “eat a rainbow” - right? But why is it crucial for good health to create a dinner plate that resembles a multicoloured spectrum of light in the sky? Nutritional vigilance is so important when considering everything, from fertility to fitness...

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Why you’re not seeing results!

This is something we hear a lot from new clients in their initial fitness consultations. They've been training for months but just “aren’t seeing results”. This can be really frustrating and disheartening, but don't worry. The reason for this is typically linked to...

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The launch of FOCUS at Hub!

FOCUS is Hub’s new 2018 initiative whereby members can join us for a range of semi-private personal training sessions. ‘What is semi-private personal training?’, we hear you ask... It's a fancy way of saying small group training, but we mean really small. FOCUS groups...

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What can be done about a ‘weak’ bum?

“Strengthen your glutes.” “Activate your core.” “Tight hamstrings are causing your low back pain.” These are just some of the common statements many patients are left with ringing in their ears after appointments with healthcare practitioners. We can all be guilty at...

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5 Top Tips to Break a Habit

Research has shown that on average it can take 66 days to form a new habit, but did you know that it can take only 21 days to break one? Not all habits are bad, many give us structure to our day and help us organise our otherwise hectic lives, but some can be...

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Headaches can be a real pain in the neck…and well, in the head and with up to 70% of people suffering from headaches during their lives it is becoming one of the most prevalent conditions today. Some of the most common presentations include migraines, cervicogenic and...

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5 top tips to keep you ON the band wagon this party season!

It started with Halloween and now it’s nearly Bonfire night and with toffee apples, mulled wine and then the Christmas party season which is packed full of mince pies and chocolates, it’s no surprise that it can be easy to ‘fall off the band-wagon’ during the party...

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ACL Injury – “Management & Prevention”

Photo: Michael Willson Photography The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of the most dreaded yet most frequently injured ligaments in the sporting arena, particularly common in agility based sports such as netball, basketball and football.  A diagnosis of an...

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