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5 top tips to keep you ON the band wagon this party season!

It started with Halloween and now it’s nearly Bonfire night and with toffee apples, mulled wine and then the Christmas party season which is packed full of mince pies and chocolates, it’s no surprise that it can be easy to ‘fall off the band-wagon’ during the party...

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ACL Injury – “Management & Prevention”

Photo: Michael Willson Photography The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of the most dreaded yet most frequently injured ligaments in the sporting arena, particularly common in agility based sports such as netball, basketball and football.  A diagnosis of an...

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What exactly is “integrated” health and fitness?

Having just celebrated our 5th Birthday here at Hub, it has been a great time to take a moment and reflect on how we are doing in our quest to guide you all to better health and fitness. It's important to us at Hub that we work towards providing integrated health and...

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Achieve your health & fitness goals this winter!

As the shorter days seem to be rapidly approaching and colder weather starts to set in, the thoughts of leaving HUB at 8:00pm in blazing evening sunshine is beginning to feel like a distant memory! In this article we’re going look at how you can maintain...

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Gut health, what’s all the fuss about?

Gut health seems to be a topic that can’t get enough coverage at the moment and we can understand why! Let's look at what the gut actually is. It’s a term given to the whole of our gastro-intestinal tract which runs from the mouth to you know where! It is...

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The Lumbar Spine – Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

Like it or not, lower back pain is likely to affect you to some degree throughout your life. The statistics are pretty damning, with up to 70% of people reporting some level of low back pain over their lifetime. With this being the case, the lumbar spine...

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8 benefits of exercising during pregnancy

Avoiding physical activity during pregnancy used to be the standard advice given to women; however, in the past decade, an increasing body of research shows that when done correctly it is, not only safe, but also has huge health benefits for mum and baby. Whether you...

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Sleep: our 5 golden rules

Over recent months, it’s become pretty hard to pick up a paper or to scroll through the internet without coming across the topic of sleep, and when we consider today’s manic lifestyle coupled with the rise of fatigue related illness, it is hardly a surprise....

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4 Tips to Boost your Immunity

Vitamin A & D Despite everyone being familiar with the benefits of Vitamin C, remarkably it is the combination of these vitamins that has been shown to be most effective at preventing or getting rid of colds and flus. Although we can get vitamin A & D from citrus...

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