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We will guide you to thrive

An Osteopathy and sports injury clinic integrated with a fitness and performance gym


Fast and effective relief from pain & injury

Simply and naturally optimise your health levels

Achieve peak fitness and performance levels


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Clapham Osteopathic Clinic

Fast, effective relief for your pain and injuries. Our team will find the root cause of your issue and work with you to ensure you become stronger and more resilient.

Sports Injury Clinic and Rehabilitation

The sports injury team integrates Hub’s clinical and fitness components and is perfected placed to take you from injury back to performing at your best.

Complementary Treatments and Services

Our  massage, acupuncture and nutrition therapists are not only an integral part of overcoming injury but also play an important role in maintaining long term health.

1:1 Personal Training and Small Group Fitness

Training at Hub will not just get you fit and strong. We also ensure that you move well, feel healthy and are resilient to injury. Smarter training for lasting results.

What we do at Hub..


At the heart of Clapham in southwest London, Hub Health & Performance is based around an expert team of osteopaths, sports injury specialists, personal trainers, nutritionists and complementary health specialists, including sports and deep tissue massage therapists, nutritionists and acupuncturists. At the state of the art clinic, the team provide fast and lasting relief from back pain, neck pain, joint pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), sports injuries, muscle pain, sciatica, shoulder, elbow or wrist pain, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain, arthritic pain, nerve pain and prolapsed (slipped) disc injury. We not only offer effective treatment for your pain and injuries but we will work with you to develop your health and fitness to ensure you always come back stronger. At the centre of your health and fitness.

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